"Dr. Nitin Shah is a kind, compassionate, perceptive doctor of Ayurveda. His care for me as a patient is heart felt, professional and right on target. Following Dr. Shah's advice increased my vitality and strengthened my yogic development. I feel nourished not only in body but in mind and spirit."

Margaret O'Grady,
Owner of The Yoga Centre of Burlington

"Nitin is a wonderful storehouse of wisdom as a teacher when I was his student, helpful as a therapist when I received treatments from him and a great partner when we occasionally work together. A rare gem holding and practicing valuable therapies and education for the human race."

John L.
Registered Massage Therapist

�I had the opportunity to have Dr. Nitin Shah, a doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine as my Instructor during my studies at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. As an Instructor Dr. Shah was not only an expert in his field of Ayurvedic Medicine but he was able to transfer his knowledge to his students in a way that was enlightening, informative and educative. His passion for teaching and his knowledge of Ayurveda far surpassed my expectations as a student. Having him as an Instructor was memorable and left a lasting impression.�

Dawn Forsyth, BA,
Certified Nutritional Practitioner

"After taking antacids for 5 years and suffering with acid reflux, I finally contacted Vd. Nitin Shah as a final resort. During my first visit I felt that Vd. Nitin Shah was concerned about trying to find the root cause and fixing it, rather than just trying to medicate.
In about the 2nd week of following the treatment plan I started to see an improvement. I really appreciated the help that I was given and felt that I understood my health much better. I have been seeking his advice for the last few years and have thoroughly enjoyed my visits. I always walk out with a positive outlook and feeling healthy. I continue to refer my friends and family to try Ayurvedic healing for a change."

Sunil Koparkar,
President, Alcyone Technologies Intl Inc.

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to consult Vaidya Nitin Shah for health concerns of myself and of my family members. Dr. Shah impressed me with his genuine, caring, and intuitive approach to healing. He is a knowledgeable ayurvedic and holistic practitioner who delivers one-on-one listening and understanding of the patient's narration. He presents his patients with a customized strategy involving medicines, diet, spiritual insights, yoga exercises and practical lifestyle choices. A consultation with Dr. Shah will certainly lead you on the path to healing and happiness."

Juliet D'Souza,
Client 2013


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